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Radical Self Coaching is a Berlin-based international practice for therapy and coaching. We work with individuals, couples, families and groups and offer all our services in either English or German. 

The focus of our work is on trauma, neurodiversity, LGBTQ+, non-traditional relationship models, sexuality (including kink), psychedelic integration, parenting and child development, as well as life and business coaching.

Our methods are based in psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, psychodynamic therapy and systemic therapy. 

We are accessible, offer online sessions and home visits, will answer your request within 24 hours and only accept private payments.

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We fully believe that human beings are evolutionarily hard-wired to heal and be healed by human connection.

In our relational approach to therapy, we focus our attention on you as a whole and work together to establish an authentic and mutual relationship, based in trust and compassion. 

We are here to listen to your unique story and guide you on your journey towards a happier and healthier self. 


Every relationship is unique, therefore we tailor our therapeutic approach to your individual needs. We pay attention to each of you individually as well as to the dynamic between you, in order to work together to help you recognise and find your way out of negative patterns and cycles.

With our support, you and your partner(s) will gain a deeper understanding of your relationship, your concerns and your underlying needs and desires. We will also assist you in communicating more lovingly and effectively.

Sexuality is a central part of many relationships and we are here to support you in connecting with your partner(s) in more meaningful and satisfying ways. 



Families often deal with issues such as parenting challenges, family of origin troubles, ineffective communication between family members, rebellious teenagers, a disruptive move, a divorce or other major life changes. 

Whatever your current situation, we will use a systemic approach to help you and your loved ones navigate your unique circumstances in a safe and warm environment. 

A topic close to our hearts is helping parents improve the way they communicate with and relate to their children of all ages. 


We are trained in psychedelic integration and are regularly providing psychological care at festivals and regional burns. 

Psychedelics are experiencing a renaissance in recent years and many people experiment with them and could benefit from professional guidance and harm reduction.

We will help you integrate your psychedelic experiences into your daily life, in order to gain the maximum benefit from them and initiate healing and growth. 

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The first vist can be a daunting step and we fully appreciate how much bravery it takes, to trust a complete stranger with your innermost thoughts and feelings. 

In our first session, we will share a cup of coffee or tea and will have an informal chat, in order to get to know each other. You are completely free to share with us as much or as little about yourself as you are comfortable with. 

Feeling connected to, at ease and safe with your counsellor is the most important part of any therapeutic relationship and we fully encourage every client to take their time before making a choice. 

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We are Bridgee and Marius and work together as a team in many of our sessions, as we firmly believe that by offering our clients a combined male and female therapeutic team, we are better able to support them on their journey of self-exploration. 

Bridgee studied psychology, philosophy and cultural history in Göttingen and Munich, while Marius earned his degrees in clinical psychology in Berlin. Together, we are supporting local clients in our private practice in Kreuzberg, as well as international clients online.

We live in a loving polyamorous relationship, are raising three children together and are looking back on more than a decade of successfully navigating non-traditional relationships.

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Köpenicker Straße 126, 10179 Berlin, Germany


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We offer an income-based sliding scale and these are our starting prices. There is an additional charge of 19% VAT per session.


Pro Bono

In order to give back to our community, we always have one active pro bono client.

150 €

Individual Session

Each individual session is 60 minutes long.

200 €

Couples Session

Our couples sessions are 90 minutes long and will take place with both of us.

250 €

Family Sessions

Our family sessions are 90 minutes long and will take place with both of us.

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